Divine | 50 mins | $80

Use of Hot stones and aromatherapy massage while detoxifying the skin with Ganoderma coffee body scrub.

Gaia | 80 mins | $130

Abhyanga massage is an Indian massage technique that uses a significant amount of warm oil through out the whole body. The oil is specifically infused with certain herbs for specific medical conditions.

Shirodhara therapy is an Ayurvedic technique that drops a steady flow of warm oil onto the third eye stimulating the pituitary gland.

Meridians and Nadis are energetic paths through which life energy flows best known as Qi.

Celestial | 110 mins | $165

Tui-Na is the Chinese ancestral massage technique that uses several tools such as cupping and Chinese herbalism.

Reflexology is an alternative technique that applies pressure to the hands and feet with specific hand techniques without the use of products. It is a system based on zones that reflects an image of the body.

Chakra balancing is an ancestral technique which uses different tools such as pendants, crystal, stones, and aromatherapy to balance your points of energy called chakras.

Reiki is an ancestral technique that helps manage energy through energetic channels called meridians.

Spartan | 50 mins | $100

We start with a Pain Assessment session to determine the body’s need. Then a  Deep Tissue Massage – type of massage therapy that realigns deeper layers of muscle. Specializes in chronic muscle pain. Finishing with a Neuromuscular Therapy.