Hands of Gaia was founded on 11-11-11 with the purpose of offering health, light, change, hope and consciousness to individuals who needed comfort and guidance on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. For many years Hands of Gaia has been recognized as a place where people can find interior peace by finding balance to their bodies through holistic practices. Hands of Gaia has experienced many changes which allowed it to grow, develop, and improve new and ancestral techniques along with imprinting its own style and permitting us to continue growing for many more years to come.

At Hands of Gaia we offer a variety of Massage Therapy to help with different types of pain conditions.

In Hands of Gaia we offer different types of services helping us suit to your needs.

Chakra balancing is an ancestral technique which uses different tools such as pendants, crystal, stones, and aromatherapy to balance your points of energy called chakras.