Deep tissue | 60 mins | $90

A type of massage therapy that realigns deeper layers of muscle. Specializes in chronic muscle pain.

The most effective type of therapy for any type of muscle strain like lower back pain is neuromuscular therapy.

Champissage | 30 mins | $50

The Indian head massage can be used for physical harmony, for vitality, and for good, old-fashioned relaxation.

Feather’s Touch massage | 90 mins | $150

Essential oils dropped at a 6 inch height from the neck to the feet along the spine which feel like raindrops

Thai massage | 60 mins | $80

An ancient healing system combining acupuncture, Indian aryurvedicprinciples, and yoga postures.

Holistic Lymphatic Drainage | 60 mins | $85

Is a form of a very light massage that helps the lymph flow in the body; specifically a detox massage.

 Yin – Yang massage | 60 mins | $130

It is a 4 hands massage performed by 2 therapists, specifically a man and a woman. This interchange of energies facilitates the rejuvenating of the clients body.

Shiatsu massage | 45 mins | $70

It’s a Japanese massage that involves applying pressure to specific points in the body to support its natural capacity to restore itself.

Swedish massage | 60 mins | $80

The standard and most common massage. It is performed by rubbing the muscle with long strokes to improve the blood flow back to the heart.

Abhyanga massage | 60 mins | $90

Abhyanga massage is an Indian massage technique that uses a significant amount of warm oil through out the whole body. The oil is specifically infused with certain herbs for specific medical conditions.

Shirodhara massage | 30 mins | $50

Shirodhara massage is an Ayurvedic technique that drops a steady flow of warm oil onto the third eye stimulating the pituitary gland.

Reflexology | 30 mins | $50

Reflexology is an alternative technique that applies pressure to the hands and feet with specific hand techniques without the use of products. It is a system based on zones that reflects an image of the body.